2019-0409 ETSB & County TC Week (2)

Visit our Kids Corner page & help your child take the ACDC 9-1-1 Pledge. Enjoy videos, printables & activities for the entire family to learn about 9-1-1 & emergency services!


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Take the

ACDC 9-1-1


Overnight Parking

Register your car parked overnight on a city or village street

Vacant Premise

Report a vacant premise or request a vacation watch for your home or business

Citizen Feedback

Tell us how we are doing

Community Access

Check out other services and information for the communities we serve

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Check for traffic accidents in DuPage County


Check construction, accidents, rest areas, scenic byways & more

Check for emergency outages & scheduled outages in your area

Check for emergency repairs & scheduled work in your area

Member Agencies

Addison Fire Protection District
Addison Fire Protection District
Bensenville Fire Protection District
Bensenville Fire Protection District
Itasca Fire Protection District
Itasca Fire Protection District
Pleasantview Fire Protection District
Pleasantview Fire Protection District
Tri-State Fire Protection District
Tri-State Fire Protection District
Wood Dale Fire Protection District
Wood Dale Fire Protection District

Register you and your loved ones so first responders have the information they need to help you in an emergency. 



We are committed to building public trust and providing superior service by treating everyone with dignity and respect; while providing for the needs and safety of the communities and responders.


ACDC Moves In

April 3, 2018

April 3, 2018 ACDC moved into our new facility. Here are some interesting facts about our new "home."

  • The building is 20,000 square feet

  • The building meets the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA1221) standards

  • The building can resist an EF4 Tornado; withstand wind speeds up to 200 miles-per-hour; windows & doors up to 100 miles-per-hour

  • The radio tower is 220 feet tall

  • The facility houses the Emergency Operations Center

  • There are 32 positions, and 2 supervisory positions on the dispatch floor

  • The center is large enough to dispatch emergency services for the entire County of DuPage

  • The video wall is made up of 36, 55-inch monitors

  • The floor is raise 22-inches, accommodating all heating/cooling as well as shielded cable

  • There are 28 server racks

  • The room is protected by a foam fire suppression system that is non-toxic and safe

ACDC: Our Story

January 1, 2018

“Addison Police, how may I help you?”


This simple phrase is where our story begins; Addison, Illinois.


A small municipality, circa 2000.

21 miles from Chicago.

Population 34,000.

The police dispatch center was a small room employing nine dispatchers around the clock, three assigned to each shift. Training was three months, probationary employment status six months, and a dispatcher was “released” to work on her own . . . alone . . . solo.

Fast forward to 2016.


Addison Police Department dispatch is now Addison Consolidated Dispatch Center (ACDC). The room has nearly tripled in size. ACDC provides police dispatching services to six - soon to be seven municipalities, in addition to fire and

emergency medical services.


Dispatchers who once knew only police

protocol now are fully trained in

emergency medical dispatch protocol.

Grand Opening Celebration

January 29, 2018

January 29, 2018 - ACDC Grand Opening. Today was a landmark day for ACDC as the Grand Opening event hosted by the Village of Addison was a huge success. ACDC expresses deep gratitude to the Village of Addison Board Members, Mayor Veenstra, Village Manager Block, Director of Police Hayden, Deputy Chief Maranowicz, Director Temes, ETSB, FGM, Carlson Construction, and many others who made this new facility possible. ACDC is proud of their new facility.