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For non-emergency assistance, dial your local police department non-emergency telephone number.

If you have an emergency   dial 9-1-1 for assistance.

Addison Consolidated Dispatch Center (ACDC), Addison IL

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911 Services

  • Process 9-1-1 telephone calls

  • Dispatch & coordinate first responder equipment personnel

  • Dispatch & coordinate specialty equipment & personnel

  • Dispatch & coordinate Mutual Aid Box Alarm Service (MABAS) requests

  • Provide Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD)

  • Generate Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) calls for service

  • Keep track of equipment & personnel status

  • Monitor multiple Motorola radio talk groups

  • Process warrant services

  • Monitor member agency facilities via camera



ACDC provides 911 services according to NENA standards

Non-Emergency Services

  • Process non-emergency telephone calls (answered as separate, agency-specific lines)

  • Provide after-hours public works notifications

  • Provide recordings of telephone and/or radio traffic per agency request

  • Perform Law Enforcement Agency Data System (LEADS) Validations

  • Maintain ACDC Portal (web-based, agency-specific database housing interactive logs and information)

  • Provide on-site dispatching for member agency special events and crisis incidents

  • Conduct radio drills and provide additional agency and citizen support services