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Premise Alert Program

To apply for the ACDC Premise Alert Program:

  • Download the proper form(below)

  • Complete the form

  • Attach/Include a photo

  • Fax or email the form and photo to ACDC or submit to your local police department


You or your loved one must be a resident of

DuPage County to apply.

Special Needs 2.jpg

It is ACDC policy to ensure that consistently high levels of emergency services are available to all citizens of the Villages we service, including people who may require special consideration through the use of the DuPage County Premise Alert Program. This agency shall afford people with disabilities and/or special needs the same access to services and programs provided to all citizens. The ability to identify special needs individuals, their places of employment, educational facilities and residences are valuable resources in instances when or if an emergency response by police and/or fire protection personnel is necessitated. The ability to effectively deal with special needs individuals is enhanced with information only you can provide! 


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